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Kim Dohler
George Stover
Theresa Harold
Richard Dyszel
Faye Tilles
Richard Ruxton
Anne Frith
Greg Dohler

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. The Galaxy Invader (1985) (V) With Richard Ruxton, Faye Tilles, George Stover. Montague Greg Dohler: David Harmon Anne Frith. The monster in the film bears a resemblance to the. The Galaxy Invader (Video 1985) - IMDb Director: Don Dohler. L. Mencken, and John Waters all hailed from Baltimore, a city with a peculiar knack for. | Director: Don Dohler Monster Shack Movie Reviews The Galaxy Invader (1985) Written and Directed by Don Dohler. The Galaxy Invader - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Galaxy Invader is a 1985 direct-to-video sci-fi film directed and co-written by Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler. The Cinema Snob: The Galaxy Invader Previously featured on YouTube before ultimately being ousted by the powers that be (those powers being the people behind “Nail Gun Massacre”) will. Frank Zappa, H. Actors: Richard Ruxton: Joe Montague Faye Tilles: Carol Montague George Stover: J.J. The Galaxy Invader - Horror Drive-In Some of my favorite people have come from the state of Maryland. Most Helpful Customer Reviews: Warning: Unfit for human consumption! This movie should never be watched by anyone, ever. An alien spaceship is forced to land in a dismal swamp… Tagline: Alien menace terrorizes trailer-trash rednecks! Run Time: 79 minutes The Galaxy Invader (1985): Richard Ruxton, Faye Tilles. The Galaxy Invader - Rotten Tomatoes Review: Galaxy Invader is a ripe blend of science fiction and the “poor white trash” school of cinema. The Galaxy Invader (1985): Richard Ruxton, Faye Tilles

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